GLOBESPAN CAPITAL: Strategic. Pragmatic. Accessible.

Globespan is the VC firm passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs as they take their companies to market. We uniquely serve these companies, helping them establish the infrastructure required to scale their offerings. We invest in startups in the IT infrastructure, SaaS, mobile, and Internet industries. With our personal market-facing expertise, strategic approach, and strong industry networks, we help companies realize their potential. Our track record with entrepreneurs has led us to become a leading venture capital firm across the globe.

Meet Our Team

At Globespan, we pride ourselves on working hard everyday for our entrepreneurs. We draw on more than 60 years of collective technology and operational experience.

We have founded or served as early team members of 8 technology start-ups and understand the challenges of building a company. We have expanded technology businesses in 35 countries around the world and encourage our entrepreneurs to think globally.

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