Enterprise Strategy Group Validates Kaminario’s K2-Hybrid Enterprise-class Storage Performance and High Availability

Kaminario’s K2-Hybrid Accelerates Enterprise Applications and Databases with the First All Solid-state SAN Storage Architecture that is Highly Available
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kaminario’s K2-Hybrid Accelerates Enterprise Applications and Databases with the First All Solid-state SAN Storage Architecture that is Highly Available

Newton, MA – September 21, 2011 – Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance all solid-state SAN storage solutions, today announced the availability of a lab validation report and product brief from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) on the recently-announced Kaminario K2-H (hybrid) all solid-state SAN storage system. The K2-H is the first SAN storage solution to allow the freedom to choose a mix of high-speed, solid-state media (DRAM and MLC Flash) to eliminate I/O bottlenecks and accelerate the performance of business applications at a price point lower than legacy SAN storage.

The ESG Lab Validation Report, which provides the results of hands-on evaluation and testing of the K2-Hybrid, highlights numerous results, including:
 Testing with industry standard multi-user database workloads confirmed that K2-Hybrid Flash devices can be used to break through storage performance bottlenecks.
Testing with a variety of performance sensitive workloads, showing the K2-Hybrid yielded high levels of performance and throughput that scaled predictably as storage nodes were added.
Testing to demonstrate how the K2-Hybrid architecture is fully redundant, highly available and safe.
The ESG Lab Validation Report concludes:
 "The K2 Hybrid enables organizations to take advantage of the speed of DRAM and the affordability of MLC flash as it extends the benefits of solid state usage to multiple workload types simultaneously. The K2 Hybrid eliminates I/O bottlenecks and accelerates business applications as it makes an organization more productive, efficient, and 'green' without breaking the bank."
To download the ESG Lab Validation Report, go to "ESG Lab Validation Report: Kaminario K2 Hybrid Solid-State SAN"
The product brief, written by ESG senior analyst, Mark Peters, summarizes how the K2 Hybrid leverages the advantages of both DRAM and MLC Flash solid-state technology to provide the blazingly fast performance and ultra-low latency required by write-intensive, latency-sensitive application workloads and utilizes MLC flash to offer a more cost-effective performance boost for read-intensive workloads.
"Kaminario has a clearly defined position and value proposition within the emerging solid-state storage segment," states Peters. "It is unashamedly application and high-performance focused, but now offers a broader choice of solid state media and therefore can be used in a wider range of applications."
To download the Kaminario K2-Hybrid Product Brief, go to: "Kaminario K2-Hybrid: Choice in High Performance Storage".
About Kaminario
 Kaminario is a leading supplier of high performance all solid-state SAN storage. Its Kaminario K2 family of SAN storage eliminates I/O bottlenecks and dramatically reduces latency to accelerate critical business applications at a significantly lower cost and smaller footprint than legacy SAN storage. Kaminario uses off-the-shelf blade servers, a revolutionary SPEAR™ storage OS and solid-state media to create blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy SAN storage. The K2 is the first self-healing, high availability, all solid-state SAN storage to give users the freedom to choose the media (DRAM and/or Flash) for their unique application workloads and budgets. Driven by Kaminario’s innovative Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture™ (SPEAR), the K2 supports millions of IOPS, tens of GB/s of throughput and extremely low latency — and all without compromising on enterprise reliability or ease of use. Kaminario is a fundamentally better way to store and retrieve performance-sensitive data. Kaminario is simply faster.

Located in Newton, Mass., Kaminario has built a global network of business partners, including Dell Inc., which resells the K2 all solid-state SAN storage.
 Beth Bryant