Lenovo Selects SundaySky’s SmartVideo Technology to Attract, Convert Higher Quality Website Visitors

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York, May 16, 2012 – SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, today announced that Lenovo, a personal technology company and the world’s second-largest PC vendor, selected SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology to deliver personalized, real-time video experiences throughout its online product catalog. With SmartVideos, Lenovo is driving higher quality traffic to its website and boosting conversion rates.
As a leading technology-maker, Lenovo actively seeks opportunities to pioneer new tools to achieve desired business outcomes. The company viewed SmartVideo as an innovation with great potential, but its United States merchandising team needed evidence that the solution would deliver results. During a two-month proof-of-concept period, the automated creation and delivery of 1,300 Lenovo product videos contributed to a 2 percent average increase in revenue across all products. Additionally, 5 percent of visitors who watched Lenovo’s product videos made purchases. An 88 percent video viewing completion rate demonstrated that Lenovo’s SmartVideos increased and improved online engagement.
“In a short period of time, SundaySky created a clear and compelling picture of the value of SmartVideo,” said Lewis Broadnax, executive director, sales and marketing. “SundaySky worked seamlessly with our internal marketing, e-commerce, IT and operations teams, and that relationship will be the foundation of Lenovo’s expanded SmartVideo implementation in the coming months.”
With SmartVideo now deployed throughout Lenovo’s product catalog in the U.S., the company is looking to extend its use of SundaySky’s platform on its Canadian website, as well as in personalized video creation for the post-order process. Later in 2012, Lenovo also plans to leverage SmartVideo for retargeted advertising.
“Lenovo joins other leaders in online retail in using automated, real-time product videos to increase website traffic and conversions, and to bring value to other areas of its business,” said Jim Dicso, president of SundaySky. “SmartVideo creates more effective engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, and Lenovo’s SmartVideo strategy is a prime example of that.”
About SundaySky
SundaySky is the creator of SmartVideo, a newer, better, smarter way of using video to communicate with prospects and customers. SmartVideo delivers a compelling, personalized, real-time video experience that reaches people with what they need to know in the most engaging, entertaining and informative way possible. SundaySky's innovative convergence of technology and creativity has advanced the use of SmartVideo to more effectively engage people at every step of the customer lifecycle. Our platform generates hundreds of thousands of SmartVideos daily that attract traffic, retarget prospects, convert prospects to customers, support customers, and enhance customer relationships. SundaySky customers include leading consumer-facing organizations like AT&T, Office Depot and Tiger Direct.